Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions within this Agreement are made between Athletes to America LTD, (“the Company”) and the user of this website, who purchase the 'Scholarship Program' at athletestoamerica.com (“the Client”). The Client agrees to the terms of the Agreement stated herein.



Athletes to America agree to service the Client with a quality and comprehensive service, as stated within this Agreement. The Service Fee paid to the Company by the Client is inclusive of the following services.


  • Athlete assessment

  • Academic assessment

  • Credit conversion

  • GPA conversion

  • Compliance review

  • Comprehensive athlete resume

  • University placement review

  • Student athlete marketing & promotion

  • Scholarship search

  • Unlimited coaches contacted

  • InCred report guidance

  • Eligibility centre guidance

  • SAT registration guidance

  • SAT preparation guidance

  • TOEFL registration guidance (if applicable)

  • University admission support

  • F1 visa guidance

  • Post graduate admission support (if applicable)


The Company is not expected to carry out further services than those stated herein.




 The Company does not issue refunds if:


  • The Client is deemed ineligible by the NCAA or NAIA. 

  • If the Client is not offered scholarship funding.

  • If the Client is not offered a university place.

  • The Client is refused a VISA by the US embassy.

  • If the Client does not meet the grades required in their SAT, ACT or TOFEL exams. 

  • If the Client does not complete and submit the university/college admission documentation.

  • If the Client does not complete all other required documentation.

  • If the Client becomes injured whilst being serviced by the Company. 

  • If the Client breaches any rules of the governing bodies.

  • If the Client is prosecuted for committing a criminal offense.

  • If the Client breaches the terms of this Agreement.

  • If the Client signs with another scholarship service provider.



Athletes to America offer a service that provides assistance and guidance to prospective students who are hoping to obtain a scholarship to a collegiate institution in the United States. The company cannot make any guarantees that scholarships will be awarded. 


The Company takes no responsibility for the decisions made by collegiate institutions or athletic organisations in regards to an athlete’s eligibility.


Athletes to America is not a scholarship provider. The company’s Service Fee is not dependant on a student receiving scholarship funding from a university or college.


It is the responsibility of the Client, to ensure that all information provided is truthful, accurate and up to date. The Company is not liable if the Client provides them with false or misleading information in regards to their athletic and academic abilities. It is the responsibility of the Client to update the Company with any changes to athletic or academic credentials after completing the initial application.


Athletes to America are always working in line with NCAA regulations - in order for them to remain compliant, they cannot guarantee or make any assurances that Clients will be offered scholarship funding. Scholarship guarantees or money-back guarantees if a scholarship is not awarded, both violate NCAA Bylaw 


Bylaw Talent Evaluation Services and Agents. A prospective student-athlete may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g. High school academics and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardising his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.


 What they can’t guarantee:

  • Scholarship offers.

  • University offers.

  • Scholarship size.

  • Full ride scholarships.


What they can guarantee:

  • Their expertise and guidance from start to finish.

  • Unlimited scholarship search.




The Client consents to the Company sharing their personal information with colleges and coaches in the United States. This includes name, DOB, athletic and academic background and credentials, biometrics and photographic and video content. The Client also agrees to the Company using the Clients name and images for promotional purposes on the company website and social media platforms. A client signing with Athletes to America governs the Company's permission to do so.

The company, Athletes to America LTD owns all service marks including copyrights, trademarks, business methods and online materials on athletestoamerica.com.